I want to introduce you to all the wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure to create with. These people and their music helped me find the music in me. First post is about creating the song material, after this I’ll tell you more about the musicians, and last but so totally not least I’ll share about the process of production, recording, mixing, mastering.. Check these people out, get to know their projects and get inspired.

First up: songwriting. ∇ ∇ ∇ 

Jukka Backlund
The producer. Backlund has produced award-winning and platinum-selling albums, worked as a sound designer / composer in avantgarde installations and art videos, he’s in a band called Dead Sirius 3000, a member of electronic music production collective called Vanilla Dream, plays various instruments, works internationally and has been studying jazz since early childhood. Watch Dead Sirius 3000’s “I Won’t Stop My Dance” music video here – – Backlund has also made the video.
When we started to collaborate I did a lot of demos from old songs and was trying all sorts of ideas – – but it was very hard to find a fresh, new perspective. During one songwriting session we had with Backlund he started to play with one rhytmical idea with his acoustic guitar; he started to record that idea and after few minutes there was this new song that felt super inspiring.. I had to go out for a walk after I heard that music! Now it’s clear: that song and that moment opened the door for this whole album.

Photo: Tommi Posa

Timo Kiiskinen
Kiiskinen has written some of the most loved pop songs in Finland (Sami Saari: Ainutkertainen, Samuli Edelmann: Sininen sointu..), released many beautiful solo albums and has made a wonderful jazz album called “Chet” which has Chet Baker songs in it with Finnish lyrics. I have been a big fan of his for as long as I can remember. You can listen to his ‘Chet’ from here.
Thanks to producer Backlund I eventually wrote to Kiiskinen and told him about this music project, asked if he’d like to get involved. Kiiskinen called me, we had a great talk and after few weeks I received a beautiful song from him. Kiiskinen wrote me a song that has lyrics from Kanteletar – – that song feels like home and I’ll never forget how cool it felt to start singing it..

Photo: Tuomo Manninen

Niillas Holmberg
I met Holmberg the first time some years ago at Helsinki National Theatre’s music club where we both happened to be performing. It was great to see him perform live. His work as a musician, poet, activist etc. has always felt very inspiring. Watch his video here.
As the album thing started to happen and producer Backlund couraged me to think about my songwriting dream team I contacted Holmberg and asked if he’d like to write Northern Sami lyrics to one song that popped out after one songwriting camp with Backlund. After some e-mails we met and talked about the album – – few months later he sent me a demo and the lyrics and I was blown away by the story..! When it was time to start learning singing in Northern Sami at first I thought it would never happen (and that I was crazy to even try) but after a while I started to ‘hear’ the language..

Photo: Paul S. Amundsen

Suvi Isotalo
Isotalo is a pianist, songwriter, singer, composer and I got to know her years ago when we were both invited to perform in this songwriter’s event. She has written music for theatre, released solo albums,  performed with various music ensembles and has worked as a studio musician.
I asked Isotalo’s help relating to the album songwriting; especially the lyrics – – to tell me straight if some words were unmusical / storytelling wasn’t clear enough. She helped a lot with one specific song and her honest feedback about the album was pure gold. Check out Isotalo’s music video, this was a fun night, it was a lot of fun to be involved in the making of it.

Photo: Ville Malja

Josef Donner
Donner is a singer, songwriter, writer, entertainer and he knows a lot about different languages. Donner has his own band Juzzman, he performs with f. ex. Cafe De Abejas, works in various performing arts projects as a writer and as a performer.
I asked Donner to write a song with me; I had never ever wrote lyrics in Swedish but had a feeling we could write something awesome together. I had gotten to know Donner via many mutual friends and I had one song without lyrics – – I had a bit of an idea about the story and then asked if he’d be interested to collaborate with me. He said yes, we had couple of writing sessions and a song was born.

Photo: J. Donner

Sonja Korkman
Korkman is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, educator, soundpainter and I’ve been collaborating with her for over ten years now in Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble (avantgarde music group that she leads). Korkman is very experienced in traditional Nordic music, world music, reggae, songwriting in various genres and we had some songwriting sessions together – – though the song material we made with Korkman didn’t end up to the album I really enjoyed our sessions together.
Korkman also helped me with one of the album songs, song that has a Finnish-Swedish dialect; she made sure that I’m singing every word properly.

Yle Svenska_Korkman
Photo: Yle Svenska

Oskari Lehtonen
Lehtonen is a percussionist, educator, long-time band colleague in Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble. He has been jamming with me thru this album project and even before that; we know each other from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Concervatory years. We made song material for this album but those ideas stayed on the desktop – – they’ll be waiting for the albums to come after this first one..
Playing improvised music (improvising lyrics also) with Lehtonen in both Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble and in Karelia Drum’N’Bass has given me many ideas relating to lyric structure, telling a story in music etc. Lehtonen plays in the album ensemble, he’ll play in the live band also and he plays in various Finnish folk music / world music (Okra Playground, Viitasen Piia) ensembles.

Photo: Tomi Rajala

Aino Kurki
I got to know Kurki when she started making music with Korkman. Hearing Kurki play live the first time made me really thrilled. Kurki has studied kantele (traditional Finnish string instrument) in Finland but also in Africa, she is a very versatile player and has performed internationally as a soloist and with different music projects.
Playing with Kurki made a lot of things clearer to me during the album songwriting process and we spent good time together going thru the songs and getting ready for studio. Kurki will be a vital member of the live band with her kantele, she was in the studio sessions and you can check out her original music from here.

Photo: Global Music Center

Mixing time

This album thing we’ve created with Jukka B is a very awesome thing. Tommi “Master Fader” Vainikainen is taking care of the mixing. Tuomas Saikkonen, visual artist friend who lives in Rio, heard some of the songs and this photo happened. Stay with me! A lot of work still before this whole project is out there with you guys — but it’s really worth the wait.

Albumi kuulostaa niin hyvältä! Tämä levyasia, jonka olemme luoneet Jukka B:n kanssa on todella upea asia. Tommi “Master Fader” Vainikainen miksaa levyn. Tuomas Saikkonen, kuvataiteilija-graafikko-ystävä joka asuu Riossa, kuuli äskettäin muutaman levybiisin ja tämä kuva syntyi. Pysykää mukana matkassa! On vielä paljon työtä tehtävänä ennen kuin tämä prokkis julkaistaan ja työn tulos saavuttaa teidät — mutta malttakaa, odotus todellakin palkitaan.


Mixing time


Vocals done, dear people. | Lauluäänitykset purkissa.


Above, in the picture, feeling happy after the singing days and feeling very inspired about working with Jukka Backlund. Below, a picture from session days; producer Jukka Backlund and throat singer Mikko Heikinpoika having a chat before tracking. Mikko came to visit one song.. |

Yläpuolella kuvassa, onnellisena laulupäivien jälkeen ja inspiroituneena Jukan kanssa työskentelystä. Alapuolella kuvassa tuottaja Jukka Backlund, sekä kurkkulaulaja Mikko Heikinpoika jutulla ennen Mikon äänitysvuoroa. Mikko käväisi kurkkulaulamassa yhteen biisiin..




Oh yes, studio happened. Next: vocal sessions. | Studio! Seuraavaksi laulusessiot..

Oona Kapari from Finnvox and producer Jukka Backlund.
Finnvoxin ääniteknikko Oona Kapari ja tuottaja Jukka Backlund.

Antti Kujanpää (piano)

Oskari Lehtonen (perc., drums)

Jukka Backlund & Antti Kujanpää

Tero Hyvaluoma (violin, mandolin)


Olavi Louhivuori (drums)

Oona Kapari

Ape Anttila (double bass), Ape’s epic session shoes from India & Jukka B.
Ape Anttila (kontrabasso), Apen äärimmäisen tyylikkäät sessiokengät ja Jukka B.

Harri Kuusijärvi (accordion)

Aino Kurki (kantele)

Me & Oona

Oskari’s cool demo from the sessions:
Oskarin sessaridemo:

Music producer Jukka Backlund, me and sound engineer Oona Kapari with musician Jouni Järvelä after the last session day. What a week!

Musiikkituottaja Jukka Backlund, meikä, Finnvoxin Oona Kapari, sekä muusikko Jouni Järvelä viimeisen sessiopäivän jälkeen. Mikä viikko!


Album in the works

It’s a pleasure to announce that an album is in the works! Studio is now booked – during the past year I’ve started to work with music producer Jukka Backlund. I’m collaborating with Backlund and other musical wizards (Niillas Holmberg, Timo Kiiskinen..) for this album it will be a wonderful moment to get it all out and share that music with you..

Photos from last summer’s band camp sessions with Backlund.

On ilo kertoa, että työstän juuri nyt albumia! Studio on varattu. Olen työskennellyt vuoden ajan musiikkituottaja Jukka Backlundin kanssa. Teen yhteistyötä Backlundin, sekä muiden musiikillisten velhojen kanssa (Niillas Holmberg, Timo Kiiskinen..) tätä levyä varten ja odotan suuresti sitä hetkeä kun pääsen jakamaan kaiken sen musiikin kanssanne. 

Kuvat viime kesän bändileirisessioista Backlundin kanssa.


Album in the works

Karelia drum ‘ n ‘ bass

Karelia is a name, a female name, in many different cultures around the world.

We will join forces with wonderful Kalle Ylitalo (drums), Oskari Lehtonen (bass) and Sonja Korkman (soundpainting) for a special gig at Tenho Restobar, Helsinki, on 12th of January.


The night is free entry, like all nights are in Tenho.

Wishing you a great New Year’s celebration!

Karelia on nimi, naisen nimi, monissa eri kulttuureissa ympäri maailman. 

Yhdistämme voimamme basisti Kalle Ylitalon, perkussionisti Oskari Lehtosen ja soundpainter-muusikko Sonja Korkmanin kanssa Tenho Restobar:n lavalla 12.1.2017; tervetuloa kokoontumaan musiikillisen leirinuotion äärelle.

Tapahtumaan on vapaa pääsy, kuten aina on tapana Tenhossa.

Hyvää uuden vuoden juhlintaa!


Art work by Tuomas Saikkonen

Karelia drum ‘ n ‘ bass

Collaborating with Marita Liulia


It’s a joy to start collaborating with artist, director, Marita Liulia. Liulia’s exhibitions will open for public at Serlachius Museum on November 5th, 2016. The exhibition includes a video piece we did together.

“Marita Liulia’s Golden Age is an experiential exhibition in which the connecting material of the new paintings, photographs, video works and sculptures is gold. The exhibition reflects on life’s different stages, on the turning points and painful experiences that people need to find their own path.” |

Mikä ilo onkaan ollut aloittaa yhteistyö taiteilija-ohjaaja Marita Liulian kanssa! Liulian näyttely aukeaa Serlachius Museossa Marraskuun 5. päivänä, 2016. Näyttely sisältää videoteoksen jonka teimme yhdessä.

“Marita Liulian laaja Kultakausi-näyttely sisältää sata uutta teosta: maalauksia, valokuvia, lyhytelokuvia, videoita ja installaatioita. Teoksia yhdistävää kultaa nähdään monessa muodossa ja merkityksessä. Näyttely käynnistää Serlachius-museoissa Suomen 100-vuotisjuhlavuoden.” |

Collaborating with Marita Liulia

Natural High Healing Festival 2016

NHH Festival has now announced all the music artists for next summer. Oh boy, such a joy to be a part of this festival. See you there, it’s going to be great fun! Book your tickets while you can and come see Finnish summer?

All the artists:

Murray Kyle (AUS)
Keyaki (FIN)
Mahima (SWE)
Zahelu (CAN)
Cora Flora (CAN)
Lulu & Mischka (AUS)
Markandeya (SWE)
Mikko Harju (FIN)
Teea Aarnio (FIN)
Saara Aalto (FIN)
Lani Rocillo (UK)
Eniesa (SVK)
Maok (SVK)
Tea Ihalainen (FIN)
Dj Ilo (FIN)
Dj Soma (FIN)

Natural High Healing -festivaali on julkaissut tulevan kesän ohjelmansa. Ilo olla mukana esiintyjäkaartissa! Yllä lista kaikista julkistetuista artisteista.

Natural High Healing Festival 2016

Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble’s debut album

Great news! Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble – the first and only soundpainting ensemble in Finland, will release a debut album during this spring. It is a joy to be in this very creative ensemble!

Album was recorded at Helsinki Music Hall’s studio last summer by Jaakko Kulomaa, mixed also by Jaakko Kulomaa and mastered by Virtalähde Mastering. HSE has been performing since year 2007 and it’s a rather large band, with f. ex. three vocalists. Do follow us on social media, to get all the news releating to the release and performances.

To learn more about soundpainting, check this out.

Iloisia uutisia! Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble – ensimmäinen ja ainoa suomalainen soundpaintingyhtye, julkaisee ensimmäisen kokopitkän levytyksensä tänä keväänä. Hienoa olla osa tätä luovaa ensembleä!

Albumin äänitti Jaakko Kulomaa Helsingin Musiikkitalon studiossa viime kesänä, Kulomaan käsialaa on myös kokonaisuuden miksaus ja Virtalähde Mastering vastaa masteroinnista. HSE on perustettu vuonna 2007 ja tätä melko isolukuinen yhtyeemme on sittemmin esiintynyt mm. Suomessa, Ruotsissa, Tanskassa ja Ranskassa. Saadaksesi lisätietoa HSE:n tulevista keikoista ynnä muusta toiminnasta liityhän yhtyeen seuraajiin sosiaalisessa mediassa!

Lisätietoa soundpaintingista löydät täältä.


Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble’s debut album