Alternative Northern voice inspired by nature


Around year 2015 Teea Aarnio took a step back. She had been working as a musician, songwriter, artist for over a decade—and she gave herself the permission to stop. She went nomad for two years.

A lot happened, and she met new people. During year 2017 she started creating her upcoming debut album with music producer Jukka Backlund. She created and published a visual EP during year 2020, in collaboration with Helsinki based production company, Playart Productions.

Her upcoming debut album is an ode to nature.




As a songwriter she loves to collaborate with other songwriters, lyricist, musicians, engineers, producers, audio creatives; to give birth to rich sound travels through shared creativity. Her passion as an artist is to keep on growing and evolving through different artistic and multidisciplinary collaborations. Her songwriting is inspired by the lineage of folk singers before her, folk poetry, the communal traditions of singing.

As a vocalist, the way she works with her voice and with harmonies, you can hear influences from both jazz and alternative music. Her singing has been described modern, yet ancient. As a musician her biggest influences come from global music / world music artist. While living in The Netherlands, she was introduced to all kinds of global music—including Finnish global music. She had not heard about those musicians, and their albums, earlier while in Finland. While living in India she started to gain a wider perspective on aesthetics and she begun hearing her own language, Finnish, in a new way. These experiences have affected her deeply.

She says: “I love to create, I love music. This is a wonderful start this first album, and I’m very much looking forward sharing it as soon as possible.”

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Photography by Elvi Keränen