Alternative Arctic Voice

“We are nature. Nature is not something separate from us.
So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature
we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.”
—Andy Goldsworthy

Visual EP out | ‘pihani’, ‘kevät’, ‘dollavárri’

Enter a beautiful three-part sonic and visual journey.
Travel through the elements and connect to nature.
Visual EP concept created by Teea Aarnio is an opening number for her upcoming debut album. Visual EP was crafted in collaboration with production company Playart Productions.

Musician, Storyteller, Multidisciplinary

Teea Aarnio is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, sound and visual artist, performance artist, writer and composer. Before becoming professional in music and sound she previously worked as a professional dancer. She’s collaborated with various music ensembles, visual artists, dancers, actors in Finland and abroad.
In her work Teea Aarnio explores and celebrates the nature and the sensuous.

During year 2017 she started to create her upcoming debut album with music producer Jukka Backlund. Album is full of wonderful colleagues; musicians; lyricists; composers; sound engineers; wonderful people and professionals she’s gotten to know during all her decades. Her upcoming debut album is an ode to nature.
She created and published her visual EP during year 2020 in collaboration with Helsinki based production company Playart Productions. In the project and on the videos she is the co-writer, art director and performing artist.

During year 2020 Teea Aarnio started collaborating with choreographer and dancer Wilhelmina Ojanen and during spring 2021 a short film ‘Intimacy Without Proximity’ was published. Aarnio and Ojanen are continuing their collaboration.

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Photography by Elvi Keränen