Sonic Poetry for World Between Worlds

Musician Teea Aarnio is a vocalist, composer, sound designer, songwriter, and always exploring new instruments. She is a practitioner of soundpainting improvisation and she worked as a dancer for 10 years.

Music speaks a language of it’s own, and her passion is to learn as much as she can about this language – to build bridges and to share the power of music. You can hear influences of jazz, folk, contemporary improvisation and global music in her sonic poetry.

Strong background in performing arts and visual arts have given her lots of experience relating to performing; for the last decade she’s been letting go of all that. During the past years she’s been peeling off the extra layers as a music crafter and as a storyteller – landing back to the starting point of presence and sharing. Her main creative inspiration is the dance between the seen and the unseen; the webs of connections that nurture all beings; her animistic worldview. 

Teea Aarnio has worked in various projects in Finland and internationally. Themes of biodiversity and cultural diversity, and the dialogue between science and art, are present in her work. She created her upcoming multilingual debut album in collaboration with music producer Jukka Backlund; album’s theme is nature connection and it will be released soon. During year 2020 she created and published a music video trilogy in collaboration with Helsinki based production company Playart Productions. Video trilogy is an introduction for the coming album.

Year 2021 she started to collaborate with choreographer Wilhelmina Ojanen and became an artist member of Arts Management Helsinki. Now she’s focusing on the upcoming release, while working as a vocal artist and composer in various projects.