Teea Aarnio is a musician from Finland and deeply fascinated about the human voice and the art of songwriting. Her main inspiration arises from nature, different art forms, different languages and the old Nordic ‘root traditions’.
Lately she’s been focusing on a collaboration with internationally awarded music producer Jukka Backlund and album will be published 2020.

She was raised in a small town called Heinola but has lived in many different cities in Finland and abroad. Her first instrument was piano and she started playing classical violin when she was 7.
She’s now based in Helsinki, the capital of Finland and has decades of experience working as a singer: folk bands, jazz ensembles, alternative rock bands, avantgarde music ensembles, soundpainting improvisation, sound desinging, solo gigs, songwriting..
She has studied music in various schools and has a strong background in dance and theatre. She has performed in many different countries and has often had the pleasure of collaborating in multicultural environments.
he has collaborated with one of Finland’s internationally best-known contemporary artists Marita Liulia.

Follow the blog writings for latest news and how she feels about the past, now and the future..