Teea Aarnio with earrings by Kuppari-Hanna (2021)

Small songs started to fly from her lips before she could even walk properly; as soon as she learned how to sit in a chair she loved getting to know her grandparent’s old piano.
She started studying classical violin when she was 8, and formed her first band during teen years. 

During last few years, Teea has been focusing on a collaboration with internationally awarded music producer Jukka Backlund. As an introduction for the upcoming debut album release a music video trilogy was published during autumn 2020. Videos were created in collaboration with Playart Productions.

Teea Aarnio grew up in a Finnish small town called Heinola and has since then lived in various cities in Finland and abroad. She’s now based in Helsinki, Finland. 

Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble performing with spoken word artists at Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Helsinki (2015)
Acoustic Live Music Video ‘Avaruus’ (2015)

Aarnio’s best friend, while growing up, was her violin—and she was obsessed with dance and theatre. During teen years and late teen years, while working as a dancer and actor, she played in various progressive rock and pop bands, learned more playing by ear, spent hours practising in different garages. And she loved every minute of it; learning what ‘a band’ truly means.
She started releasing alternative dance tracks with her friends via different internet radios during 90’s and 20’s and started taking singing lessons.
These early experiences relating to band playing, diy-approach to her voice and releasing music, have had a lasting effect on her.

She’s studied in different art (music, dance, theatre etc.) schools; her vocal teachers include Emma Salokoski, Merzi Rajala, Jeanette Lindström, Ira KaspiSanni Orasmaa, among others. She’s graduated from Finland’s oldest school of rhytmic music, Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, vocals and piano as her main instruments.
She’s studied soundpainting (live improvisation composing language) and is a member of Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble. With Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble she toured with Risto Ylihärsilä, and performed on Risto Ylihärsilä’s ‘Teosto Prize’ awarded (Finnish Grammy award) album called  “II” on song called “Mikä estää olemasta ihan kaikki” (“What’s really stopping you from being all”).
She’s played in various pop and folk bands, jazz ensembles, alternative rock bands and improvisation music groups. She’s performed as a solo artist, and as a band leader .

After graduating from Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory, she received a degree place to Karelia Polytechincs, Joensuu, to study folk music pedagogy. She stayed in Helsinki and did not start her studies. During her studies in Helsinki Pop & Jazz Concervatory she received a scolarship to study in a music university abroad, but was not able to finance the move.

Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble photographed by Julius Koivistoinen; art director, MUAH by Teea Aarnio (2014)

She’s performed in various multidisciplinary art productions and she’s worked as a soundpainting teacher, vocal coach, songwriter, songwriting workshop leader, dancer, actor, artist’s assistant etc. She’s collaborated with contemporary artists; f. ex. assisted artists in sight specific art pieces at Helsinki Festival.  Collaboration with one of Finland’s internationally best-known contemporary artists, Marita Liulia, has been very fruitful; their collaborative art video that combines moving image and voice has been visiting various art galleries in Finland and abroad.

Photography by Marita Liulia
Photography by Marita Liulia (2017)

Her latest collaboration is with Helsinki based production company PlayArt Productions, relating to the upcoming debut album; in the trilogy project she is the performing artist as well as the art director and writer / co-writer. Videos were directed by Hedda Halinen and cinematographed by Ville Juurikkala, Antti Kokkola, Iiris Heikka.

From ‘Dollavárri’ music video (2020)
Making of music video trilogy (2020)