Natural High Healing Festival 2016

NHH Festival has now announced all the music artists for next summer. Oh boy, such a joy to be a part of this festival. See you there, it’s going to be great fun! Book your tickets while you can and come see Finnish summer?

All the artists:

Murray Kyle (AUS)
Keyaki (FIN)
Mahima (SWE)
Zahelu (CAN)
Cora Flora (CAN)
Lulu & Mischka (AUS)
Markandeya (SWE)
Mikko Harju (FIN)
Teea Aarnio (FIN)
Saara Aalto (FIN)
Lani Rocillo (UK)
Eniesa (SVK)
Maok (SVK)
Tea Ihalainen (FIN)
Dj Ilo (FIN)
Dj Soma (FIN)

Natural High Healing -festivaali on julkaissut tulevan kesän ohjelmansa. Ilo olla mukana esiintyjäkaartissa! Yllä lista kaikista julkistetuista artisteista.

Natural High Healing Festival 2016

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