When I started to make this album with producer Backlund, when we were at the point that we had all the songs ready he couraged me to think of the musicians I’d like to ask join the album sessions. I made a list of my old band and gig mates, old teachers etc. and gave them a call and during summer 2017 we all went to studio together and started making some real music magic. This group of people makes me very happy and very humble. ⋅ ⊥∇ ⋅

Oskari Lehtonen (percussion, drums)
To learn more about Lehtonen, check out the previous post about album songwriting. Oskari has been a band mate for many years now, in various different projects and I’m very happy to have crossed paths with this hardworking and fun human. Lehtonen plays in various different bands and also has a solo project. Check out Okra Playground’s new live video. >>

Aino Kurki (kantele)

You can also find more about Kurki from the previous post. She’s also been a very important part of the album songwriting process. So very happy to collaborate with this great musician and friend. Listen wonderful Aino play with wonderful Macoumba Ndiaye and Sonja Korkman in Senegal. >>

Antti Kujanpää (piano)

For a very long time one of my favourite bands has been Kvalda (Young Nordic Jazz Comets Finland -award, 2014); a jazz quartet formed by Kujanpää and his peeps from Jyväskylä. Kujanpää is a jazz pianist, composer, educator.. Kujanpää has released an album with Louhivuori, Little Blue (2012), and that album has been in my player a lot. Kujanpää playes in various different ensembles, f. ex. he’s a member of Auteur Jazz. It’s been awesome to start playing with Kujanpää relating to this album and also relating to other gigs. Check out this beautiful tune by Kujanpää and Louhivuori. >>

Olavi Louhivuori (drums)

Louhivuori is a jazz drummer, composer, producer and he’s also a member of many great bands like Ilmiliekki Quartet, Elifantree and his own special ambient-experimental-whatnot-jazz group Oddarrang. Louhivuori has been touring the world with many different projects; you might have seen him with for example Lee Konitz, Tomasz Stanko Quintet, Piirpauke..
He’s produced Eva & Manu‘s music, worked a lot with kids and teaching improvisation, he has been awarded many times from his work as a composer and as a musician. Louhivuori is now being nominated for Teosto Prize. Get to know Louhivuori’s art from the following video. >>

Ape Anttila (double bass)

Anttila has collaborated with various jazz, pop, folk artists / ensembles as a musician, composer, producer.. He teaches in Helsinki University of Art’s, in Sibelius Academy, and I got to be his student a long time during a summer music camp; he was a big help when it was time for me to start my music studies in Helsinki; with his help I got in touch with a couple of Swedish jazz musicians, got to learn more about vocal jazz music. Under Bar Himmel – taivasalla is one of my favourite folk music albums (Maans, Kalaniemi, Anttila), give it a spin. Hear Anttila play a beautiful tune with Eliina Mäkiranta Quartet. >>

Jouni Järvelä (saxophone, clarinet)

Järvelä is a multi-instrumentalist whose main instruments are saxophone and clarinet. He is a composer, member of UMO Jazz Orchestra.. Järvelä has collaborated with legends such as Lenny Pickett and Audun Kleive and it is hard to describe how awesome it is that he came to play with us. One of my all-time favourite albums is Jouni Järvelä Group’s Lento. Järvelä also works as a producer and he has produced Marouf Majidi’s first solo album – – he also playes in Majidi’s ensemble. Check out Järvelä’s collaboration with Majidi. >>

Tero Hyväluoma (violin)

Hyväluoma is a composer, violinist, producer and he leads his own ensemble Hyväluoma Group. He works as a session musician and tours a lot in Finland and abroad; plays with Frigg, Snekka, Topi SahaHaaga Folkmachine, Korpiklaani.. He has edited a book about Finnish traditional fiddler music (“Vetelin viulumestarit”, 2011) and his knowledge about Finnish folk music is quite massive. Hyväluoma plays various instruments and has collaborated with Kimmo Pohjonen, Ismo Alanko.. What a joy to have him on board in this album – – and what a joy to know this human. I’m really a huge fan of Hyväluoma Group’s music and you can get to know their vibe from the video below. >>

Harri Kuusijärvi (accordion)

Kuusijärvi is an accordionist who has worked with many different musicians, in various performance art projects and within many different music styles. He has a wide knowledge about the contemporary accordion music, improvisation and how to combine these two in his work. He is a composer, musician, educator and leads his own ensemble Koutus. Kuusijärvi and Hyväluoma play together in many occasions and you can find Kuusijärvi also from the video above. Very happy that Kuusijärvi is playing with us on this album we’ve all created. Get to know his solo playing from the video below. >>

Jussi Jaakonaho (guitar)

Jaakonaho is a guitarist, producer, sound engineer who has worked with numerous Finnish singers (pop, folk-rock, rock..), bands, projects and songwriters. He has produced some of the most loved Finnish alt pop-rock albums and he has his own mix room studio. He released a solo album that’s now been reviewed internationally and you can get to know his amazing discography here. What to say; been listening albums that he’s produced while growing up and he came to play with us on this album..! Sweet. Get to know his solo album from the video below. >>

Mikko Heikinpoika (throat singing)

Heikinpoika is a singer, producer, looping artist who has specialized in throat singing and he has travelled widely to gain knowledge about the ancient music traditions of the world. Right now he’s getting ready to release his new album. He has collaborated with f. ex. Hilda Länsman.
His musicianship and passion for throat singing was awarded in 2015 at Tuva (home of throat singing) when he performed at The Khoomey -throat singing festival and won the 3rd prize in the modern category. It’s great that I happened to get to know him and his work; we met during the album process, when I began collaborating with Niillas Holmberg. It’s a huge joy that he visited one song, one rrreally special song. Just wait till you hear all this music.. Get to know Heikinpoika’s vibe from the video. >>