Working with the right producer is the most inspiring thing. That right producer will pull the music out of you, all that is still somehow hidden – – and on top of that fresh and new possibilities will arrive.
When you find the right match for you the collaboration will help you with songwriting, with your instrument, with creativity and confidence. It has been a priviledge to collaborate with music producer Jukka Backlund.


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To find out more about Backlund’s projects etc. check out my previous blog post about songwriting. It’s right under this post and he’s the top dude on the list. >>>

About working with a music producer:

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about everybody being the producer and that a producer would not be needed if the music is good enough so to say. I’d say that as much as good actors or good writers need to team up with a good director on the movie and theatre side, a good music producer will only make the whole musical world even more clear and deep and simple and epic. What happens thru that is inspiring, it’s real, and you know when it’s real – – music doesn’t get lost in it but it only gets found.

On a cabin studio band camp; writing songs with Backlund.

Producer can do many things. Different producers have different strenghts in their craft. For example:

a) producer might help the artist to find confidence, that own voice, that core creativity and solid vision,

b) producer might write songs, compose, arrange with the artist,

c) producer might also work like a studio engineer, figure out how the recording could go and what sounds are needed and how those sounds can be crafted in the actual studio sessions.

Backlund is very skilled in all of the areas that I here mentioned.

In our collaboration he has guided me in finding “my voice”, helped me in songwriting and he has pushed me beyond my limits as a vocalist.
When we did the vocal sessions I felt like my ears got tuned in a new position; I started to connect my hearing and singing in a much solid way, something just clicked and as I had the patience to openly be “where I’m at” in the end I was flewn to a totally new place inside the music.

Producer is not a machine. Producer is someone who has that special skill set (or the passion to always learn more about it) that makes that person a great producer; that is art, great music producing is art. I will be writing more about this (creative process between an artist and the producer) in the future.

And I need to add. The thing is.. The world is full of people – – they might not all be the perfect creative fit for you but still – – if you love the craft of art there is a lot of people in the world and you can learn from all of the steps you take. Trust in your own ability to go out and find new horizons – – get together with other crazy ones and make something together; get as ambitious as you can get and enjoy the creativity.