News| Visual EP pt 3: ’Kevät’

Kevät’ is the 3rd, and final part, of music video trilogy created in collaboration with Playart Productions. Trilogy music is from Teea Aarnio’s upcoming debut album which will be published ’21. Album was created in collaboration with music producer Jukka Backlund.

“First version of this song was born years ago at a jazz composing workshop. As I started to collaborate with Jukka B. and played all my old songs to him we eventually bumped into this playful tune from the past. We both got really exited by the possibilities of this song draft. One step after another the song started to grow towards it’s full character; during the band recording sessions all the musicians worked their magic, Jukka conducted the sessions with sparks in his eyes, during the vocal recording sessions I re-wrote the lyrics and even the whole song melody changed. Golden example of our creative collaboration with music producer Backlund.

Video was filmed right next to beautiful Kymi River, in a small town called Heinola, where I was born and raised. In Kevät we travel through the element of aether, where all that is is in balance, in unity. In the two previous videos we travelled through water, earth, fire, air.

During past years I’ve gone through some quite total life changes. Before starting collaborations with Jukka Backlund and Playart Productions it was hard to find people who felt inspired by the same things that I was inspired by. ‘Kevät’ means ‘spring season’ in English and this song celebrates new beginnings. During these times, surrounded by all the shifts and challenges we are facing as a whole, it’s not easy to remain joyful or playful. This trilogy has taken us from below the ground, through the circles of human existence, all the way to the dance and celebration. Today, on World Children’s Day, I hope this video brings you joy and nourishment. Especially when we’re faced with uncertainty we need to search for joy, hope and like-minded friends, and protect those who are most vulnerable.” –Teea

Cinematography: Iiris Heikka
Director: Hedda Halinen
Writer: Teea Aarnio
Assistants: Elvi Keränen, Suvi Mäenpää
Editing: Janne Karvinen, Teea Aarnio, Hedda Halinen
Art director: Teea Aarnio
Graphic design: Tuomas Saikkonen
Video production: Laura Kangasniemi, Playart Productions
Colorist: Janne Karvinen
Video producer: Sophia Ehrnrooth, Playart Productions

Lyrics: Teea Aarnio
Composer: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
Record producer, arrangement: Jukka Backlund
Executive record producer: Teea Aarnio
Recording engineer: Oona Kapari, Jukka Backlund
Mixing engineer: Tommi Vainikainen
Mastering engineer: Jaakko Viitalähde, Virtalähde Mastering
Musicians: Aino Kurki, Tero Hyväluoma, Antti Kujanpää, Ape Anttila, Jouni Järvelä, Olavi Louhivuori, Oskari Lehtonen, Jukka Backlund

News| Visual EP pt 3: ’Kevät’