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‘Uusi Ääni’ – Lotta ‘Lodetsu’ Savolainen

Radio Helsinki (in Finnish)

16.3.2021, 31.5.2021, 14.3.2023,

6.6.2023, 20.6.2023, 12.9.2023

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‘Lux med Bunuel’ – DJ Bunuel

Yle Radio Vega (in Swedish)

‘SYDÄNJUURILLA’ – Amanda Kauranne

Yle Radio 1 (in Finnish)

‘Nordic Roots And Branches’ – Karen Pauley

KSER FM (in English)

‘Donne Del Mondo’ – DJ Madame B

Merging Arts Global Radio (in English)

‘Worldwide Waves’ – DJ Madame B

Merging Arts Global Radio (in English)

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‘Anikó’ – Anikó Lehtinen

Radio Helsinki (in Finnish)


“Via the Finnish Eclipse label we received the beautiful VÄKI by creative all-rounder Teea Aarnio. To describe her purely as a modern folk singer- songwriter would be much too narrow, since she manifests herself in a very wide range of creative expressions, from dancer and poet to storyteller, teacher and visual artist. On VÄKI, however, we consider her primarily a composer, musician and sublime singer, in a modern style that combines folk, jazz, world music and pop, spread over eight beautiful songs separated by five interludes. It leads to a wonderful piece of work that is absolutely beautiful in all ways and doesn’t leave a stitch anywhere, as it delicately taps into different points of view, all of which are captivating.

It will take a lot of hard work to try and top a debut like this one this year.”



“Teea Aarnio heittäytyi yhteistyöhön kansanmusiikkitaiteilijoiden kanssa ja loi kuulaudella viettelevän mestariteoksen. Akustisuus limittyi elektronisuuteen aistikkaasti.

Sävelissä kuullaan vaikutteita folkista, etnosta, laulelmasta, sekä pohjoissaamenkielisestä traditiosta, mikä poikii koukuttavaa eksotiikkaa. Matka tummista mullista iloiseen karkelointiin on sykähdyttävä.”



“Teea Aarnio collaborated with folk music artists and created a masterpiece that seduces with brightness. Acoustic and electronics intertwined in a sensual way.

The tunes are influenced by folk, ethno, chansons, and North Sami tradition, creating an addictive mystique. The journey from dark soil to joyous cavorting is an enchanting one.”



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Minä Olen Magazine 5/2021 (writer: Tosha Einiö)

‘I SING, I BReathe’

* * *

 I sing, I breathe. I’m an echo basket, instrument body. Songs are spells that I voice out to raise nature, to soothe nature. Sometimes when I need a thicker silence I paint, I paint songs on a canvas. Earth beneath my feet is also a large echo basket, instrument’s body; it’s present through all existence where ever there’s room for the resonance.

My creativity stems from nature connection; from the understanding that all this is one. Creativity arranges the not visible and something new is born. Shamanistic worldview has been pulsating in me since early childhood, even though deep nature connection has unfolded slowly.

Vocal instrument is a wondrous friend; it travels with me in the grocery store, in forest, in the subway, in every sentence I speak, and even in my dreams. I sang before I could speak. I didn’t know how to walk when I sat on a piano chair the first time, wondering about the keys of my grand parent’s piano. Violin playing traveled with me during challenging years in childhood, to late teenage.

Year 2019 I moved to Helsinki to start my professional music studies.

Turning point in creativity 

On my musician’s journey I’ve traveled many paths. I’ve worked in Finland and abroad. I’ve been in various ensembles, I’ve been charmed, intoxicated, lost, disappointed. Seven years ago I was living a turning point in creativity.

I reached a point, from where I started my voyage to this moment here and now. In that turning point volume grew more vociferous. For the first time in my life I even started to fear my precognitive dreams, ‘seeing’, it all grew in ways I hadn’t experienced before – I suddenly wasn’t able to perform in bars, in front of drunken audience. Spiritual growth took leaps. There were a lot of accidents during that time, within my closest circle of friends, and also passings. I had precognitive dreams relating to some of these events. Change of direction started to happen.

I gave up performing in public events, gave myself the permission to close all routes I had weaved for myself. I removed all my music pages from the internet. I moved away from Helsinki, sold and gave away almost all my fortunes.

I lived two years as a nomad, on the road. I thought about my roots, identities, emptiness, I faced childhood traumas and extricated myself, I called for my worldview. I thought about communities, cultures, individualism. I thought about the differences of east and west. A couple of years earlier I had been on a long travel in India and readapting to Finland was hard. I dived deep to Finnish cultural history and it’s most painful events.

I thought about creativity. I sang and painted just for fun, by myself. I decided to trust my nature!

New erects

What is Finnish culture, who am I? I noticed the changed scenery around my first home town Heinola’s forests. I read conservation reports and Karelian poetry. I read about Ingrian language. I immersed in cultural studies, Finnish folk poetry and singing traditions. I read about proselytising  minority cultures into Finnish culture. I read about how the spiritual heritage of local root traditions had been reclothed into christianity. I resigned from church.

I unlearned a lot – and brought back a lot. I read books I had brought from India, about non dualism.

My solo album started to build up. Through multicultural collaborations new songs were born. My upcoming debut album has songs mainly in Finnish, also in Swedish and in Northern Sámi. I journey through elements and different realities, I fly with the wings of multi-colored music. My debut album is ready and waiting to be released. Visual EP, crafted in collaboration with Playart Productions, escorts us towards the upcoming album’s world.

Nature is a verb

Nature, science, arts, spirit, matter, earth, air, books.. All is one, in connection. Nature is a verb, it’s creativity in action. Words carry many insinuations, and modern Finnish languaged world view has at times been lost, been blind to it’s meanings.

It’s a life long challenge for a creative human to know one’s own culture and roots, to share one’s own stable handprint and one’s own voice, and regenerate the communal continuum.

I’m now—and perhaps always—in the start of something new. Journey continues.

Trendi Magazine 10/2021 (Writer: Moona Laakso)



* * *

I started doing gigs when I was young. I played piano and violin, sang in blues, rock, jazz ensembles and was involved in folk music bands as well as in theatre and dance productions. I was offered recording contracts a couple of times. I refused. Afterwards, I’ve wondered if it was silly to do that, but I just wanted to play live.

For years, I’ve been in a process of finding ‘my thing’ and my identity. When I turned 30, I felt like I needed distance from everything. We had also done a huge amount of work with folk band Ksenia and had received attention. We decided to put that in the dock. After that I took time to determine for myself my own values, who I am and what I do. I pretty much gave up everything, including the apartment and my stuff. I knew I’d never remove a musician in myself, but I wanted to get out of the race, and the box.

As I traveled the world, I began to see myths and stories in a new light. I felt like I wanted to grow as a sound artist, combine all my experience and expertise into a multidisciplinary entity, make an unique album and realize the visual world that supports it. From there, I could continue to explore professional identity.

I returned to Helsinki from around the world and decided to apply for a loan for the project because I knew that my competence was not yet sufficient for grants. I also wanted the freedom to build my own work instead of, for example, a record company influencing what I was doing. In order to get a loan, I worked at the same time as a voice actor, lyricist, cleaner, restaurant worker, barista.

Then years ago, I marched to the bank to ask for a loan even though I knew it was difficult to convince a bank about an arts project. I intuitively found a person who understood my vision and granted a loan that covered the making of the album. After taking out the loan, I was scared and nervous every day, but I just decided to trust myself. After receiving the loan the intensive work mode continued for two years as I worked with the compositions, lyrics and the songwriting collaborations of the album material. I was really inspired and felt like I was finding myself. When risk taking does not come from the need of proving something to others’ but from genuine enthusiasm, one should not be afraid to commit. Afterwards, it became clear that many people were surprised that I had funded my project myself; as I collaborate on the album with music producer Jukka Backlund, it was seen that as an experienced male producer he leads the project and I was just the one obeying. I feel it just proves that it is challenging to be seen as a strong professional, as a female, in various fields of work.

I’m proud of years of work. I’ve found new collaborations and friends and a whole new confidence as a creative. The loan was used to make a great record and with renewed confidence I ended up to collaborate with production company Playart Productions and we created a series of three short films. I’m sure a lot of people around me think I’m out of my mind, or this is never going to work out. I think what’s more important than the goal is to create. The goal is important yet the creation part; the making of something should be the main focus. I would like to encourage others to have the courage to build trust in themselves even if people around you don’t support or see who you are growing up to be.