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‘Uusi Ääni’ – Lotta ‘Lodetsu’ Savolainen

Radio Helsinki (in Finnish)

16.3.2021, 31.5.2021, 14.3.2023,

6.6.2023, 20.6.2023, 12.9.2023

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‘Lux med Bunuel’ – DJ Bunuel

Yle Radio Vega (in Swedish)

‘SYDÄNJUURILLA’ – Amanda Kauranne

Yle Radio 1 (in Finnish)

‘Nordic Roots And Branches’ – Karen Pauley

KSER FM (in English)

‘Donne Del Mondo’ – DJ Madame B

Merging Arts Global Radio (in English)

‘Worldwide Waves’ – DJ Madame B

Merging Arts Global Radio (in English)

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‘Anikó’ – Anikó Lehtinen

Radio Helsinki (in Finnish)


“Via the Finnish Eclipse label we received the beautiful VÄKI by creative all-rounder Teea Aarnio. To describe her purely as a modern folk singer- songwriter would be much too narrow, since she manifests herself in a very wide range of creative expressions, from dancer and poet to storyteller, teacher and visual artist. On VÄKI, however, we consider her primarily a composer, musician and sublime singer, in a modern style that combines folk, jazz, world music and pop, spread over eight beautiful songs separated by five interludes. It leads to a wonderful piece of work that is absolutely beautiful in all ways and doesn’t leave a stitch anywhere, as it delicately taps into different points of view, all of which are captivating.

It will take a lot of hard work to try and top a debut like this one this year.”



“Teea Aarnio heittäytyi yhteistyöhön kansanmusiikkitaiteilijoiden kanssa ja loi kuulaudella viettelevän mestariteoksen. Akustisuus limittyi elektronisuuteen aistikkaasti.

Sävelissä kuullaan vaikutteita folkista, etnosta, laulelmasta, sekä pohjoissaamenkielisestä traditiosta, mikä poikii koukuttavaa eksotiikkaa. Matka tummista mullista iloiseen karkelointiin on sykähdyttävä.”



“Teea Aarnio collaborated with folk music artists and created a masterpiece that seduces with brightness. Acoustic and electronics intertwined in a sensual way.

The tunes are influenced by folk, ethno, chansons, and North Sami tradition, creating an addictive mystique. The journey from dark soil to joyous cavorting is an enchanting one.”


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Minä Olen Magazine 5/2021 (writer: Tosha Einiö)

‘I SING, I BReathe’

* * *

Trendi Magazine 10/2021 (Writer: Moona Laakso)



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