Collaboration w/ PlayArt Productions

Feeling so happy to share the news that in the beginning of this winter season I’ve started to collaborate with the wonderful PlayArt Productions relating to the album. During year 2020 we’ll be sharing a series of music videos with you.


⋅⊥∇ ⋅


I started this album project two years ago ’cause I’d been feeling a need to create something more honest and more challenging; a strange type of modern sounding, brilliantly produced Nordic world music album. Life had taken a new path and it didn’t really inspire me to write like I had written before, or to sing like I’d sang before. I was dreaming of giving birth to set of new songs that would be very energetic, beautiful and deep – music that would tell about journeying through different states and through time, and would celebrate nature. I longed to collaborate with new people.
It was wonderful to find a music producer, Jukka Backlund, who shared the same sort of passion and vision.
Past few years have been a life changing, challenging journey; step by step crafting the album and inch by inch moving this album baby forward into the world.

I’ve known the PlayArt people for some years now and as the album was recorded and ready we sat down together to discuss about our ideas, visions and motives. PlayArt Productions is a production company that is dedicating it’s creative powers to address subjects such as nature, nature connection, ancient wisdom, rituals and how we can meet and be connected to the roots now, in this ‘modern time’.
Such a joy to team up with the PlayArt crew.

During past few months we’ve been in meetings together, creating the first steps – and during the past few weeks we’ve been moving into growing our team and we’ve been out location scouting and feeling very inspired by the shared passion.



PlayArt’s latest production Nightingales in Berlin was premiered 2019 (Norpas Festival, WOMEX..) and they’re one of the production companies behind Shannon Kring‘s movie ‘END OF THE LINE – Women of Standing Rock’ that will be released 2020.

Stay with us.

Collaboration w/ PlayArt Productions