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”I have no idea why, and without particularly sounding like either, both Joni Mitchell and Carol King frequently crossed my mind whilst listening to this album.” 


“It will take a lot of hard work to try and top a debut like this one…”


“One of the comparisons that repeatedly pops into my mind when listening to ‘Väki’ is Peter Gabriel. In his way, Aarnio is able to create something catchy, joyful and captivating from everything at hand, which sounds at the same time familiar and completely new.”


Mika Roth / Desibeli.net

“The journey from deep undergrounds to the joyous exuberance is a fascinating one.”


Juha Seitz / Ilkka-Pohjalainen Magazine

Teea Aarnio’s Väki is a compelling debut album that combines vocal jazz, folk music influences, alt pop, and Finnish, Swedish and North Sámi languages in a seamless way.

More than five years ago, Finnish-based musician, composer, lyricist, interdisciplinary artist, vocalist and sound designer Teea Aarnio and US-based international music producer Jukka Backlund started working together. Aarnio invited a group of magical musicians to join her in the studio sessions for the album. The result was the acclaimed debut album Väki.

The eight-track album stops you in your tracks, with electronic and acoustic interludes that transport you from one song to the next. The songs on the album are mainly the result of a fruitful collaboration between Teea Aarnio and US based record producer Jukka Backlund, and she’s also collaborated with Sámi novelist, music artist and poet Niillas Holmberg, Finland-Swedish music artist and actor Josef Donner, among others.

The word ‘väki’ means a group, a community, and in the regional tradition it also means the spirit of life, the vitality that is present in all living things. I have lived in many different cities and countries, and the album celebrates the diversity of cultures and nature.” Aarnio says, and continues, “I live in Finland, Finnish is my mother tongue.. And there’s a lot of things that worry me. Finland has lagged behind its neighbours in the development of indigenous rights. Finland has very little natural forest, less than 3% of its total forest area. According to a recent study, Finland is the third most racist country in the EU. Finland is criticised for the limited availability of minority language media. There is also international concern about the declining status of Swedish, our second official language, in Finland. For Sámi people it’s almost impossible to find basic services in their own language here. All this is causing great anxiety, and in my lifetime so far I have seen how Finland is beginning to regress politically; the last ten years have increased income inequality and widening social inequality. On the album I sing in Finnish, North Sami and Swedish. I sing to nature, I sing of inner strength, and I sing calling for community.”

Teea Aarnio has worked with internationally award-winning contemporary artists, dancers and musicians. In 2020, she released a short film series with production company Playart Productions. Aarnio is also a member of the working group of Huojuu elämän puu (‘Tree of Life Sways’), a multi-artistic theatre work that approaches the themes of peace, war and freedom through poetry.


1 Interlude: Itku

2 Pihani

composers: Timo Kiiskinen, Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
lyrics: trad., Timo Kiiskinen, Teea Aarnio

3 Löyly

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
lyrics: Teea Aarnio, trad.

4 Tienviittoja

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
lyrics: Teea Aarnio

5 Interlude: Pakkanen

6 Dollavárri

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
lyrics: Niillas Holmberg

7 Interlude: Maa

8 Kaiu

composers: Jukka Backlund, Teea Aarnio
lyrics: Teea Aarnio

9 Interlude: Tuli

10 Othala 

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund, Suvi Isotalo
lyrics: Josef Donner, Teea Aarnio

11 Kevät

12 Interlude: Kesä

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund, Jouni Järvelä
lyrics: Teea Aarnio

13 Kokko

composers: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
lyrics: Teea Aarnio


Teea Aarnio – vocals, backing vocals

Jukka Backlund – programming, keys, backing vocals

Aino Kurki – kantele

Antti Kujanpää – grand piano, keys

Tero Hyväluoma – violin, mandolin

Jouni Järvelä – saxophone, clarinet

Harri Kuusijärvi – accordion

Jussi Jaakonaho – guitar

Ape Anttila – bass

Oskari Lehtonen – percussions

Olavi Louhivuori – drums

Mikko Heikinpoika – throat singing 

Music producer: Jukka Backlund

Concept, executive producer: Teea Aarnio

Recording: Oona Kapari and Jukka Backlund

Mixing: Tommi Vainikainen

Mastering: Jaakko Viitalähde

Cover art: Antti Vierola

Album design: Tuomas Saikkonen and Teea Aarnio

Portrait photography: Elvi Keränen

Publisher: Eclipse Music

Interview requests, booking, inquiries: Teea Aarnio / info@teeaaarnio.com 

Links: https://linktr.ee/teeaaarnio

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