News | Visual EP pt 2: ‘Dollavárri’

‘Dollavárri’ music video is a collaboration with poet, musician Niillas Holmberg, music producer Jukka Backlund and production company Playart Productions. This monday is the first day of Sámi Language week and Dollavárri video premiere is a part of Sámi Language Week’s programme; to view the whole program click here.

“Years ago, at Finnish National Theatre’s Lavaklubi, I met Holmberg at an event we were both performing at. When it was time to start making an album I contacted Holmberg relating to a composition draft I’d made. Holmberg liked the composed music, and said he’d be happy to write the lyrics for it.
I don’t speak Northern Sami but I adore the beautiful language. I learned the lyrics and the pronunciation by listening to Holmberg’s demo recording.

Dollavárri video starts with intro music called Pakkanen, Buolaš, and continues to the main song. Dollavárri means tulivuori, volcano.”


“..Morit dal
oahpat muge bisánit
duolmmadit siskkobeale bálgáid
Loabáhat dušše doamadit
muhto mun in šat sáhte váldit oasi

Gula don dollavárri
mun čagálduhtán du
Gula don nagirčalbmi
niegu suoládan..

..Dollavárri morit dal
oahpat muge bisánit..”

-Niillas Holmberg

Lyrics: Niillas Holmberg
Composer: Teea Aarnio, Jukka Backlund
Arrangement: Jukka Backlund
Record producer: Jukka Backlund
Executive record producer: Teea Aarnio
Recording engineer: Oona Kapari, Jukka Backlund
Mixing engineer: Tommi Vainikainen
Mastering engineer: Jaakko Viitalähde, Virtalähde Mastering
Musicians: Aino Kurki, Jouni Järvelä, Harri Kuusijärvi, Oskari Lehtonen, Ape Anttila, Olavi Louhivuori, Antti Kujanpää, Jukka Backlund, Jussi Jaakonaho, Tero Hyväluoma

Director: Hedda Halinen
Cinematography: Antti Kokkola
Writer: Teea Aarnio
Art director: Teea Aarnio
Graphic design: Tuomas Saikkonen
Clothing design: Salla Koppeli, Son Of Koppel
Coloring: Antti Kokkola
Editing: Antti Kokkola, Teea Aarnio, Hedda Halinen
Video Production: Laura Kangasniemi, Playart Productions
Video producer: Sophia Ehrnrooth, Playart Productions


This video is 2nd part of a music video trilogy coming out during fall-winter 2020. Trilogy music is from Aarnio’s upcoming debut album and the theme is nature connection. Video trilogy was created in collaboration with Playart Productions and the album was created in collaboration with music producer Jukka Backlund.

Teea Aarnio’s debut album will be published 2022.

News | Visual EP pt 2: ‘Dollavárri’

News | Visual EP pt 1: ‘Pihani’

´Pihani´ is the 1st part of a music video trilogy coming out during fall ’20; videos were created in collaboration with Playart Productions. Teea Aarnio’s debut album will be published 2021. Album was created in collaboration with music producer Jukka Backlund.

“Basically this song is about accepting change, admitting mistakes, letting go of something that once was and in this case the lyrics tell about maturing to womanhood; there’s sorrow, and there’s also acceptance of the more deep, natural and authentic, underlying truths. And in the end; there’s a feeling of becoming, returning home.
Video deepens the original story of the song, connects inner nature to outer nature, and stretches out to the issues of deforestation here in Finland. Aggressive clearcutting is a problem here, and everywhere, and at the same time it’s a symptom of something quite profound that’s going on in human hearts. What we do to nature we do to ourselves.
´Pihani´is in English ´My Yards´, and to me, here, it speaks about the long, challenging travels that you face when you’re trying to find your home, and at the same time, it’s about the sorrows of seeing your home yard change.” –Teea
Director: Hedda Halinen
Cinematography: Ville Juurikkala
Writer: Teea Aarnio, Hedda Halinen 
Art director: Teea Aarnio 
Featuring: Susanna Lendiera 
Graphic design: Tuomas Saikkonen 
Coloring: Julius Koivistoinen 
Editing: Ville Juurikkala, Hedda Halinen, Teea Aarnio 
Video Production: Laura Kangasniemi, Playart Productions 
Video producer: Sophia Ehrnrooth, Playart Productions
Composer: Timo Kiiskinen
Lyrics: Kanteletar, Teea Aarnio
Arrangement: Jukka Backlund, Teea Aarnio, Timo Kiiskinen, Jouni Järvelä
Record producer: Jukka Backlund
Executive record producer: Teea Aarnio
Recording engineer: Oona Kapari, Jukka Backlund
Mixing engineer: Tommi Vainikainen
Mastering engineer: Jaakko Viitalähde, Virtalähde Mastering
Musicians: Jouni Järvelä, Antti Kujanpää, Aino Kurki, Oskari Lehtonen, Ape Anttila, Tero Hyväluoma, Harri Kuusijärvi
News | Visual EP pt 1: ‘Pihani’

News | Collaboration with PlayArt Productions: The creative process


About five years ago I reached a point where everything started to shift and I needed to integrate. I took a break from music and from everything. I moved out of the city, I stayed in the woods, I traveled, took my time. I started to make an album, hoped to combine my passions relating to music and visual arts. I changed the ways I was living, eventually ended up changing the ways I was operating as a music maker, artist.

Now looking back I see how for many years I struggled with courage; as I grew up and got more experience as a musician and artist I slowly took on a pressure of ‘fitting in’. Years passed and I started to drift from my voice and my heart.. From my nature.

This all happened around 2016. After taking THAT break from Helsinki—where I had once moved to study music and where I had worked as a musician for years – – and after slowly moving back—I was invited to perform at a big private new year’s party. I hosted a free singing performance; all the party guests sat on the dance floor with me, under the disco lights, in silence, till we sang together eyes closed. After the collective singing ended we celebrated till morning. At this event we met first time with the founder of PlayArt Productions.

I grew up spending a lot of time in nature, and I got to grow up with people who taught me how to listen to nature. I also grew up in a city environment surrounded by urban influences. One catalyst for the upcoming album and to all these upcoming videos was the need to combine these ‘different knowings’. I felt like an outsider in Finland–I didn’t like the political atmosphere and it was hard to land, to find any ground. I had the urge to sing about nature, nature connection, and not care about fitting in.

Around 2017 I was lucky to find a music producer Jukka Backlund who shared my inspiration and after a lenghty 2 year period of writing, recording and mixing the music we had made an album. Last year I was lucky to connect again with PlayArt Productions people.

During year 2019 we started to get to know each other with the PlayArt crew. Me (working as an artist, writer and creative director), with director Hedda Halinen and production manager Laura Kangasniemi, after many weeks of talking and sharing we started to reach out for cinematographers, editors.. And slowly it happened that we filmed three powerful, beautiful music videos together. (Yes, they’re on their way out, wait for a bit more!)

First location scout with Hedda Halinen and Laura Kangasniemi.

During end year of 2019 we went for our first location scout, Laura, Hedda and me.

Me and director Hedda Halinen sat down many times to drink tea or coffee or what ever and I was able to share about my story and about my passions and we talked about nature connection, about rituals and so many things, we were framing what we wanted to express. ..And what was not inside the frame to us. All this time production manager Laura was with us, near or far, giving her comments and hearing us out.

The creative process of these videos has been very unique. When we made the album music with music producer Backlund I was so deep in the process that I hardly understood what we were creating; it felt really good, all the songs, but I had a hard time putting it to words.. Creating these videos with PlayArt Productions crew has been my ‘gateway’ back from the underworlds (or other worlds, or life force) that I’ve tried to express on the upcoming album.

For the longest time I was on the path of ‘trying to build my identity as a musician’ till it all came crumbling down and I started to hear my heart, my soul and with it all I gave away that ‘outer eye’ to my soul. I found a way back to music, to creating, and felt it like I felt it as I found it when I was a child. ..Before any schools, before any single one of industry meetings.. Cause you know.. Creativity isn’t about the schools you get in, about the exams that you take, about the papers you can sign or show—it’s about courage and authenticity, it’s a challenge worth living. When expressing life force there’s no two alike. So in a way, there’s really no competition.

Now, as we’re slowly wrapping up all the video productions with PlayArt crew and with everyone involved, I’m pausing for a moment to thank all this creativity and all these wide visionary souls that I have the joy of knowing and working with. PlayArt Productions’ big passion is nature and nature connection and it has been great working and expanding with them. Very unique.

Album is not out yet, but it’s on it’s way. First the videos. Yes, this has taken quite some time. Yes, this has been worth it.

If there’s someone thinking that it’s foolish to take big risks or make big investments in creativity, in life, my comment is that one should not think of it in relation for ‘the award that might come after’—it’s important to create, if it is who you are; to take the jump of starting and creating bit by bit for that is your life, that is who you are and that is how you’ll find your tribe. It’s not about some moment in the future where you’d receive an award for your work, it’s about living fully, being the life force that you are and if you’ll do it well that itself, the doing of it will fill you, award you and celebrate in you. It is for sure wonderful if the work reaches many people, and gets a lot of love, but the ‘after party’ should not be the motivation for creating.

So yes, some years ago I gave away all my belongings and moved into woods for a while. Stopped doing gigs and went to other professions. I took a bank loan to start this creation, to birth my upcoming album. I don’t regret it. When I begun I had no knowing of ‘how’. I saw videos with my soul’s eye, relating to the album, and those videos were telling beautiful natural ritualistic pathways, I had no knowing of ‘how’ to birth them. I wanted to create something beautiful, something that would ‘kiss your soul’.
This has been a very hard challenge, and a long process, and I’ve learned new professions along the way just to keep my head above the water. And I’ve found wonderful new people, new dear friends, new tribes, and I’ve grown so much.

I could have never made these steps without all the absolutely amazingly creative people I’m surrounded by. Near and far. Creativity is a wonderful, blissful, feisty play and this has been—and will be, a mysterious path. I thank the PlayArt crew with all my heart. I thank all of the people involved with all my heart, you know who you are. And of course, huge, HUGE, thank you to music producer Backlund.

Stay tuned.

#Behindthescenes pictures above taken by Ville Juurikkala, Laura Kangasniemi and Elvi Keränen.
News | Collaboration with PlayArt Productions: The creative process

SUMMER SOLSTICE GREETINGS | Album collaborations: 2nd and 3rd music video shoot

Last week we filmed the second album music video with PlayArt Productions, and soon we’ll be wrappind also the third video. Three years ago this time we had just finished the first album recording session. To me, this time of the year often offers deep and luminous shifts: endings and beginnings, hightened nature connection and a lot of creativity.

I’ll be sharing some inspiring and educative links at the end of this post.

∇ ∇ ∇

In Finland we have many names for this celebratory summer time: Ukon juhla (Ukko’s party, Ukko means the god of the weather), Päivättären juhla (Ms. Day’s party) and many more. I enjoy calling this celebration ‘Summer’s Thanksgiving’ as we have enjoyed the growth season of summer and soon we will be transitioning towards the mystical renewal of winter. Day and night are holding hands in the summer solstice. We are right there in between summer and winter. Right now we are also with the solar eclipse and the new moon.. We are in a powerful time.

I met this precious rose yesterday. All nature in full bloom.

Last week we filmed the second album music video with Antti Kokkola and the PlayArt Productions team (director Hedda Halinen and production manager Laura Kangasniemi). We had two days of intense shooting and I believe we were all quite spaced out afterwards; it was very hot, we had quite a few locations and some peculiar surprises along the way.

Me, Hedda Halinen and Antti Kokkola filming. Laura Kangasniemi captured the moment.

The second album music video is to a song ‘Dollavárri’ that I composed with music producer Jukka Backlund. Poet, activist, musician and actor Niillas Holmberg wrote the beautiful, powerful North Saami lyrics. I cannot wait to share it all with you a bit later..

During the coming week we’ll be diving into the next music video shooting with PlayArt Productions, and with some other wonderful people, and I’ll share more about a bit later.
We are making a three video series relating to the upcoming album and all the videos (and the album music totally) is inspired by nature connection. I’m thankful that I’ve waited and waited with releasing this music, since all the collaborations have needed their own time to appear and this spring has deepened the original message of the whole album. All this video art will be coming out at the right time, later this year, and soon after that it’s time to release the whole album.

When I started working with the album – and actually a long time before that even – I had thought a lot about aesthetics and awareness, natural impulses, connection to nature etc. relating to creativity. I did a lot of work going thru my ‘creative insides’, I had a deep calling to find a more true ‘voice’, my real voice. I spent a lot of time by myself; I was puzzled about different forms of cultural conditioning and how it all could affect one’s creativity. I had been through a lot in the ‘creative industry’ and I needed to re-route. I was wondering what was really worth doing, what felt right, what was fair and truly passionate.. And how much creativity was too much creativity and who was the judge of these things if not me? I thought a lot about many things, aimed to clear my insides. There’s a lot I’d like to say about these things.. This debut album project is inspired by all of this. Stay with me, the wait is worth it.

One of my favourite trees. I go and hug this beautiful one as often as I can and I shared a hug with him just yesterday–after a long while.

Wishing you a powerful, calm, beautiful summer solstice!



“In the fight against oppression and injustice, the first step is having the freedom to speak out, to raise one’s voice. Often it’s artists and activists who sound the alarm and call others to join in action. These early responders to injustice and oppression need to be able to do so free from persecution and prosecution. Movements and issues ranging from the environment to equality and fighting global poverty are dependent on the individual’s ability to advance these causes via this foundational human right; freedom of expression. Our goal is to be on the front lines defending those who use their voice to speak out.”

» ‘Say it in Saami‘ -website:

“Say it in Saami features the first online Saami phrasebook on the Internet containing informal language, and its goal is to help the endangered languages. You can listen to the phrases in North, Inari and Skolt Saami. The website also features five short documentary films, a quick guide to Saami culture and a soundboard in North Saami.”

» ‘The danger of a single story’, TEDTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

“Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice — and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.”

» Anti-Rasicm Resource list

» Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World’, by Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey:

“Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey is the first female fellow in the history of the National Geographic Society. Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey wants the world to remember the people who came before us. The actor-turned-anthropologist has made it her mission to find, preserve and share the knowledge and traditions of indigenous populations before they disappear.”

» About equality in music industry, awareness, respect, true creativity #sharethemicnow with India Arie, relating to #showmustbepaused and true allyship:

“This has been very heavy on my heart. This is a #sharethemicnow post in partnership with Angelica Ross and Hilary Swank. Listen with an open mind and heart. Love to all.”

SUMMER SOLSTICE GREETINGS | Album collaborations: 2nd and 3rd music video shoot

ALBUM COLLABORATIONS: 1st music video shoot



∇ ∇ ∇

The plan was to shoot all the videos before this summer (more about it here) but since covid-19 arrived we’ve obviously moved our schedules. The good news is that these videos are still coming to life beautifully, step by step, the release times are just going to be a bit different.

For this first video we had two shooting days; other day for my parts and other for featuring parts. For one whole day we had the pleasure of enjoying Susanna Aarnio’s company, experience, knowledge and presence––it’s an honour we got to film her for this video. Also, a big joy to work with Ville Juurikkala, photographer, video maker, nature lover and just the right person to deliver this visual world.

I have a feeling that the message of the album songs––and the message in all this visual storytelling––is even more timely than before, and dare I say, even more needed.

Shooting day with Susanna Aarnio :: While the PlayArt crew, Ville and Susanna were making preparations I took this quick photo of Susanna's instruments and all the beautiful action.
Shooting day with Susanna Aarnio :: While the PlayArt crew, Ville and Susanna were making preparations I took this quick photo of Susanna’s instruments and all the beautiful action.
All the essentials :: Skull, Zoom, beautiful ground, mysterious instruments.
Ville Juurikkala behind the camera :: We shot a few hours in this muddy, dark room. Challenging! This was the feeling after we were done shooting my parts; at my second location, on the last day.


ALBUM COLLABORATIONS: 1st music video shoot

Collaboration w/ PlayArt Productions

Feeling so happy to share the news that in the beginning of this winter season I’ve started to collaborate with the wonderful PlayArt Productions relating to the album. During year 2020 we’ll be sharing a series of music videos with you.


⋅⊥∇ ⋅


I started this album project two years ago ’cause I’d been feeling a need to create something more honest and more challenging; a strange type of modern sounding, brilliantly produced Nordic world music album. Life had taken a new path and it didn’t really inspire me to write like I had written before, or to sing like I’d sang before. I was dreaming of giving birth to set of new songs that would be very energetic, beautiful and deep – music that would tell about journeying through different states and through time, and would celebrate nature. I longed to collaborate with new people.
It was wonderful to find a music producer, Jukka Backlund, who shared the same sort of passion and vision.
Past few years have been a life changing, challenging journey; step by step crafting the album and inch by inch moving this album baby forward into the world.

I’ve known the PlayArt people for some years now and as the album was recorded and ready we sat down together to discuss about our ideas, visions and motives. PlayArt Productions is a production company that is dedicating it’s creative powers to address subjects such as nature, nature connection, ancient wisdom, rituals and how we can meet and be connected to the roots now, in this ‘modern time’.
Such a joy to team up with the PlayArt crew.

During past few months we’ve been in meetings together, creating the first steps – and during the past few weeks we’ve been moving into growing our team and we’ve been out location scouting and feeling very inspired by the shared passion.



PlayArt’s latest production Nightingales in Berlin was premiered 2019 (Norpas Festival, WOMEX..) and they’re one of the production companies behind Shannon Kring‘s movie ‘END OF THE LINE – Women of Standing Rock’ that will be released 2020.

Stay with us.

Collaboration w/ PlayArt Productions


Dear album baby has reached mastering. It’s a joy to have Jaakko Viitalähde / Virtalähde Mastering in the album team. ⋅ ⊥∇ ⋅

Virtalähde Mastering Studio is located on the calm countryside of Kuhmoinen and if you visit the place by public transport from Helsinki it takes about 5 hours to reach.

I left Helsinki early morning and took a train to Tampere and from there I took a bus to Kuhmoinen. Kuhmoinen is a really small town and all the people at the Tampere-Kuhmoinen bus knew each other. The bus driver told me I should get some sleep if I’d like to, she’d let me know when we’d reach my stop: “You can just relax.” What a very cute bus ride. Viitalähde came to pick me up from the bus stop at Kuhmoinen (a gas station next to a field) and from there we continued further to the woods, to his studio and started working.

Jaakko Viitalähde photographed by Simo Pitkanen / Yle

First time I heard about Virtalähde Mastering was when he was collaborating with Lake Jons on their first album. I got to know ‘the Jons guys’ during music study years in Helsinki and for a long time I had no idea that they were creating this wonderful band project; as they started putting Lake Jons music out I really loved it and can still remember how enthusiastic they were about collaborating with Virtalähde Mastering.

I’ve followed Jaakko Viitalähde’s work projects for years and it was clear to me that I’d like him to do the album mastering.

Virtalähde Mastering was started 14 years ago and Jaakko Viitalähde used to live and work in Helsinki. Eventually he moved away from the capital to a calmer setting. I respect his way of doing things; he now has his own countryside mastering studio and lives near his studio with his family, dog, cat, chickens, roosters etc. And there’s no hassle, no hurry.

Virtalähde Mastering Studio

I enjoy being present there in the mastering process; it’s a big thing to hear all the music in the mastering phase, go through the elements and meditate with the balance of it all.

I have a not-so-common way of hearing music and sound; sometimes it’s shapes or colours or some sort of visual thing and luckily this was not at all a strange approach to Viitalähde. There’s not that many professional audio engineers that I would feel comfortable of giving some weird drawing (ha, oh yes) as a guide line relating to the overall sound. But it’s just great fun doing that with someone like Jaakko Viitalähde – – and the fact that he happens to get it is even more joyous.

I was back in Helsinki thru Jämsä and Tampere, it was quite late of course and I felt tired but it was a big thing to realize that the album is now on it’s way out. Bear with me.

When we were wrapping things up Jaakko said: “I think people will be surprised when they hear this album.” I think so too.

A lot has happened during the past three years and I will share more relating to that a bit later. Close calls and interesting negotiations. This album creating journey started very intuitively and all the turns have taught me more than I could’ve ever imagined. And the best part is that this journey is not about money, attention or those things. This is about music, about communication and about being alive.

Good things take time.



Time to share a small album taster!


⋅ ⊥∇ ⋅

I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with music producer Jukka Backlund for a good while and here’s a preview of what’s to come:

If this music finds you share it with your peeps! I’ll keep the album name as a secret for a bit longer. Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more!